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Handy Hints

In this section:


  • What to look out for when buying a new unit
  • Beware of incorrect installations
  • Make sure your installer is licensed


What to look out for when buying a new unit:


Remember!!! With air-conditioning you get what you pay for Avoid brands with no back-up service - go for trusted brand names. Quality in air-conditioning means high energy saving and low noise Quality air-conditioners are also designed with installers in mind, which means less chance for bad installations leading to costly problems.

Beware!!! of Incorrect Installations:


Incorrect installation can be the cause of operational problems with the air conditioner and can also be very dangerous. It can be expensive to fix or replace units that break down due to sub standard installations. Incorrect installations can include, dangerous mountings poor duct work use of damaged units uncovered pipe and electrical work cheap drain solutions unfinished duct work unlawful installations

Make sure your installer is licenced:


Installers need to be licensed in order to sign a compliance certificate. A refrigeration mechanic installs it and an electrician is required to wire it.  You must recieve a certificate for both parts of the installation. Some highly skilled electricians also carry a licence to install the air conditioner and wire it. It is important to make sure you do not opt for cheap installations, as air conditioners have ozone depleting gases inside them. Not only can these gases hurt the environment but the lose of gas when being installed will also affect the proper running and efficiency of your unit. Getting a licensed air conditioner installer also gives you great peace of mind knowing that if any problems occur down the track, it was installed in accordance with the required regulations and you have the compliance certificates.